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Just like with furnaces in the winter, sometimes your AC decides to quit just when you need it most. Middleport Mechanical is here to help you during the day or afterhours to ensure you can enjoy your summer. Annual check-up from our technicians and regular maintenance is crucial to having an AC that is always ready for that hot weather. 

Is your AC running but not cooling your home? Is the unit is over 15 years old? Is your utility bill climbing? Is the unit making loud or different sounds? Is the temperature not consistent throughout the home? If you answered yes to any of these, give Middleport Mechanical a call to schedule an inspection. 


There are some common issues with air conditioners that can easily be resolved with the help of Middleport Mechanical:

Refrigerant leaks: this can easily lead to your AC not cooling your home evenly.

Faulty thermostat: when a thermostat is improperly set or off balance, it can lead to irregular temperatures in your home. 

Filters: it is important to get your furnace filters replaced regularly so that your unit runs properly and provides you with clean air in your home. 

Clogged drainage: overtime, dirt and debris collect in your AC drain line which can result in water leaking around your furnace. 

When you have Middleport Mechanical come look at your AC, we will complete a thorough inspection which includes the compressor, condenser coils, and evaporator coils.


We all know that those summer months get quite hot, and living without an air conditioner can be uncomfortable. Let Middleport Mechanical provide you with a professional installation. 


In terms of simplicity and functionality, central air conditioners are easily integrated into the existing ductwork in your home and can be controlled using your regular thermostat. Need a new thermostat? We can help with that too! Not only do central air conditioners help keep you cool, they also control humidity. 


Worried about how to stay cool in a house without ductwork? Ductless air conditioners are the best option. These ductless systems are simple to install and do not require major construction saving you from possible damage and overall more affordable. Still interested in a central air conditioner but don’t have existing ductwork? Check out our work on residential ductwork! 


When it is time to replace your AC, our highly trained staff at Middleport Mechanical can help you find the right unit for your home. Here are some signs that it is time to replace your AC unit:

Age: An AC unit typically lasts up to 15 years, and keeping a unit much older than that can become more costly with repairs. Replacing it before that mark will help you avoid the unit quitting when you need it most. 

Frequent breakdowns: When you need repairs often and your AC unit is constantly letting you down, it is probably time for a replacement. 

Higher utility bills: if your utility bills have suddenly gotten much higher, an inefficient AC might be the explanation. This is a good time to replace your AC with a more efficient system and save you money long term!

Home renovation/addition: AC systems are designed based on the size and layout of your home. Alterations or additions to the existing layout could affect air distribution and efficiency.

Call Middleport Mechanical today to chat about your new air conditioning!

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